Track and trace your waste

We provide you with a comprehensive blockchain-based platform that tracks every aspect of the waste management value chain, which segregates between the type of waste picked up, the geographical location, the person who picked it, and the method of recycling as well.


Collection & Segreggation

Tracking all the relevant details of each step of the process.

Live Dashboard

Access to real-time information at your finger tips.


Complete Transparency to brands on the final material.

Recycling & Processing

Transparency on waste upcycling Providing immutable proof to authorities on the use of recycled material.

Circular Economy loop we are
creating for Madagascar.

Current scenario is fragmented and disoriented with a lack of transparency in tracking of the whole process.

Introducing our blockchain based solution! A comprehensive waste management tool that connects every participant & closes the Circular Economy loop.

Enabling transparency for all stakeholders to monitor progress of each step of the process.

Need help managing waste?

We provide integrated waste management and recycling services to various clients across Madagascar.